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Why you shouldn’t neglect your website


So, you made a lovely new website (or had one built for you) and put a lot of effort into getting it just so. You may even have added a couple of blog posts but then life got busy, and you didn’t find the time - or the inspiration - to add new content. I know what it’s like - I tell clients how important it is to update their website regularly, but the truth is I am just guilty as many of you! I haven’t added any new content to my site in far too long – well, I hadn’t until I wrote this post which is inspired by the sudden dawning realisation that I am not practising what I preach at all!

Update your website content to improve your search engine ranking and lower your bounce rate

Unfortunately, it’s not a case of “build it and they will come” (to misquote the film Field of Dreams)! Search engines continually refine their algorithms to improve search results. They want to deliver quality webpages with the latest information and resources, so you have to make regular updates to get noticed by the crawlers. Websites that do not remain current tend to see their rankings (and traffic) fall. Neglect your website for too long and it will appear abandoned. This will cause it plummet on the search results page and if any visitors do make it to your site, outdated content may put them off and mean they are more likely to bounce (leave immediately) without seeing what you have to offer. A high bounce rate can also count against you in the rankings.

Making regular updates to your website content can help to boost your search engine rankings and lower your bounce rate.

Add new, valuable material to tempt visitors to return and to build trust

Your website reflects your brand and visitors aren’t likely to be very impressed if they see outdated content or an abandoned blog. They may think you neglect other areas of your business or even wonder if you are still operating! But, if they see that you regularly update your site with fresh, engaging, or useful content, they are more likely to make return visits to discover what new information you have posted. This keeps your business in their minds, and, if they gain value from your material, they will perceive you as knowledgeable and trustworthy and this will help to build credibility and confidence in your product or service and make them more willing to buy.

You can highlight your expertise by adding useful, up-to-date information to your site or posting about the latest happenings in your industry.

Keep your website updated

A well-maintained website can help to boost your search engine rankings, increase traffic to your site, and lower your bounce rate. By providing useful content, you demonstrate your expertise and build brand trust and confidence in your product or service meaning that your target market is more likely to buy – the ultimate goal of most business websites!

No time to update your website? You know the answer - outsource! 😉

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