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About me

A photo of Sarah Haler, VA, in a park, smiling.

Photo by Judith Berry at judibphotography


Hi! My name is Sarah Haler and I run Halo Virtual Assistance as an independent, remote Administrator (Virtual Assistant) from my home office in Chadwell Heath, Essex.

I thrive on routines and organisation and get overly excited by things like inbox zero, GTD (getting things done), and the multiple inbox option in Gmail! I am passionate about creating efficient processes, maximising productivity, and helping to relieve some of the stress that comes from overwhelming workloads.

As a Virtual Assistant, I offer remote admin support to churches and charities, allowing ministers, managers, and CEOs time to focus on tasks that contribute to the growth of their ministry or charity (or even to take some well-deserved leisure time!).

My background

I have worked in offices in a variety of industries, starting with my temping days at The Environment Agency, and including diverse roles such as sales and marketing for an upmarket Italian furniture brand, a PA role with a leading Italian beer company, and an administrative role with my local church. These different roles have given me a wealth of experience but it was becoming a parent that really made me hone my time management and organisational skills! I am also a keen advocate of lifelong learning and like to embrace new and more effective ways of working. This attitude, along with a willingness to share my knowledge and help others, earned me the reputation of a go-to person amongst my colleagues.

More about me


  • I have been volunteering with Coaching through COVID and Beyond since April 2021 and have found it very rewarding. Read more about why I volunteer here.

  • I am passionate about environmental issues and reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as I can. I am currently pursuing ways to reduce plastic use in my home. In my business, I will endeavour to adopt green working practices and reduce business waste.

  • I love learning languages - I speak fluent Italian, good (but rusty) French, a smattering of German, and am currently learning Spanish.

  • I spend too much time playing word games and am interested in semantics and the etymology of words.

  • I love to travel when I get the opportunity and especially adore Italy after spending a year studying in Bologna.

What do others say about me?


See my testimonials below.

Where can you find me?

On LinkedIn
My hashtag: #VirtualAdminAngel

Or simply email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Organised and reliable

Sarah worked for me at the UK office of Birra Peroni from 2004 - 2005 and was a highly valued member of the team. She provided administrative support, organised meetings, and maintained various databases. She also helped to organise a large-scale trade event. Sarah is extremely organised, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that with her skills and experience she will be a great Virtual Assistant!

Dario Paesano

Former UK Country Manager at Birra Peroni

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