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Why I volunteer

I started volunteering with Coaching through COVID (now Coaching through COVID and Beyond) in April 2021, having been advised of the opportunity by a fellow VA. At that time, I was working part-time and trying to get my virtual assistant business off the ground but didn’t have any clients which meant that I had the capacity to volunteer. Like most VAs, I gain great personal satisfaction from helping people and I was very keen to put my skills and experience to good use and give back to NHS key workers who put themselves on the line during the COVID-19 crisis. I was also eager to broaden my experience and learn new skills.

It’s been a great experience. I’ve learnt new programmes and new ways of working. I’ve also met some really lovely people, whose compassion and desire to give back is heart-warming. At times, juggling my various roles and responsibilities has been challenging but it’s been very rewarding - especially when I read the lovely (anonymous) feedback from clients that our coaches have helped. At the end of 2021, the initiative was awarded the Coaching at Work Editor’s Award for External Coaching Champion (Organisation) and I feel very proud to have played a small part in this.

Now I have less capacity and so am training up another connection to help us out but I will continue to volunteer with the initiative for as long as I am able, to continue to give back, to learn, and to grow.

Do you volunteer? What benefits has it brought you?

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